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                     Ear Wax Wieners on Cotton Swabs        
Recipe By     : Creepy Cuisine, Lucy Munroe                 
Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00                 
Categories    : Halloween                        Horror     
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   8      tablespoons   butter or margarine -- melted       
  24                    cocktail franks                     
     1/2  cup           mustard                             
     1/2  cup           mayonnaise                          
                        cotton balls                        
	Melt the butter or margarine in a small pan over low heat, being careful not to burn it. 
Place the franks on a broiling pan and carefully brush them with melted butter. Broil the
franks until they are evenly browned, turning them 2 or 3 times.  While the franks are
cooking, combine the mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl and set aside.  This will
be your ear wax.  Arrange the cooked franks on a serving platter.  Pierce each frank with
a toothpick, then stick a wet cotton ball on the end of each pick.  Place the small bowl of
ear wax in the middle of the platter, surrounded by franks. 

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