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                         Gnarled Witch's Fingers            
Recipe By     : Creepy Cuisine, Lucy Munroe                 
Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00                 
Categories    : Halloween                        Main       
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   1      tablespoon    vegetable oil                       
   4                    chicken cutlets                     
   1      cup           all-purpose flour                   
   1                    egg -- beaten                       
   1      cup           seasoned bread crumbs               
   6      ounces        black olives -- drained             
   1      head          iceberg lettuce -- shredded         
	Grease a cookie sheet with vegetable oil and set aside. Carefully slice the cutlets with a
knife or clean scissors into strips about the width of 1 finger.  Do not cut them perfectly
straight - the more crooked, the better.  Put the flour, egg and bread crumbs into separate
bowls and line the bowls up next to each other.  Dust the chicken strips with flour,
working with 2 or 3 at a time.  Then dip them into the bowl of beaten egg.  Roll each
strip in bread crumbs. Place strips on the cookie sheet.  Broil the Witch's Fingers for 5
minutes on each side, or until they are golden brown. To make fingernails, cut the
olives in half lengthwise. Trim the halves into pointy nail shapes.  Carefully place the
olives on hot Witch's Finger "tips" and arrange on a shredded head (of lettuce, of
course!)  If you prefer your fingers more moist, try dipping them in barbecue sauce
(coagulated blood sauce) or honey mustard salad dressing (for a painfully pus-covered

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