Bile Brew Recipe
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Bile Brew

2 bananas, ripe
1 can frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
1/2 can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
unsweetened pineapple juice
cranberry juice
2 liter bottle lemon-lime soda
mini marshmallows

1. Make room in your freezer for your cauldron. Place cauldron on table.

2. Ask Parent Wizard to help you cut the ripe bananas into chunks. Put bananas into the blender. Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar into blender. Blend until the bananas are smooth but a little chunky (about 15 to 20 seconds).

3. Pour banana mixture into cauldron. Dump orange juice, lemonade, 2 cups pineapple juice, 1 cup cranberry juice and 1 cup water into cauldron. Stir with long handled spoon. (Chant: Bile brew, Up-chuck stew, Makes me sick, How 'bout you?)

4. Wrap cauldron tightly with plastic wrap (make sure it is tightly wrapped to avoid wrath of the Parent Wizard) and carefully place it into the freezer to curdle and brew. Freeze for at least 3 hours (best if it brews overnight).

5. Remove brew from freezer about 1 hour before you want to drink the curdled concoction.

6. Just before serving, mash brew into a chunky concoction using the potato masher. Add chilled lemon-lime soda and 1 cup mini marshmallows (for that putrid chunky look). Stir brew, and serve.


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