Swamp Water Recipe
  Halloween Beverage Recipes  

Swamp Water

1 bottle orange soda
1 bottle root beer soda
Vanilla ice cream and/or orange sherbet
Dry ice, for a spooky foggy effect
Spooky candy of your choice

You can serve your drinks from a cauldron made foggy with dry ice. You will need a large cauldron or pot and a smaller metal bowl or pot to fit inside the larger one, and dry ice (which you can buy at some grocery stores). Being careful to never actually touch the dry ice, place a few pieces in the large cauldron/pot and cover the dry ice with water. If you want to shift the ice around, use a wooden spoon.

Place the smaller bowl or pot in the larger one and fill it with some of the sodas and a few scoops of the ice cream and sherbet, saving some of the ice cream for the cups. This is really just a big ice cream float, but it is yummy.

This recipe will provide Swamp Water for four to six people.