Spider Web Tartlets Recipe
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Spider Web Tartlets

1 16 oz. log refrigerated sugar cookie dough
3/4 cup flour
Nonstick cooking spray
1 cup (12 oz. jar) apricot preserves
1 tube black cake decorating gel

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Unwrap cookie dough and place in med. mixing bowl. With floured hands, knead flour into cookie dough. Roll dough back into log shape, place on clean cutting board and cut into eight equal slices. With floured fingers, place dough circles on baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray.

Gently press dough circles, flattening to make each one approximately 4 in. in diameter. With thumb and forefinger, pinch the edge of each dough circle to create a ridge all around. Pinch each dough circle along the ridge to make eight points.

Spread 2 tbs. of jam onto each dough circle, making sure to spread it all the way to the edges and in the points. Refrigerate for 20 min. Bake 12 - 14 min. or until edges are lightly browned.

Remove tartlets from baking sheet and cool on wire rack. When cool, use the black decorating gel to make a spider web design.


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