Chocolate Suckers Recipe
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Chocolate Suckers

1 bag any color chocolate melts
sucker molds of your choice
1 bag of sucker sticks
disposable pastry bags
1 bag of sucker wrappers with ties

To melt the chocolate (Wilton's Candy Melts work great), follow the directions on the back of the bag. The easiest way is to use a disposable pastry bag. Fill it with the melts, tie off the open end and zap it in the microwave. Squeeze the bag every few minutes as it melts to mix it.

Cut off the tip of the bag and fill each sucker shape to the top. We used orange melts and jack-o-lantern molds. You can also melt some yellow and brown melts and fill in the jack-o-lantern face before you fill with orange. Just let the faces harden first, then fill.

When they are full, insert the sticks, you may have to work them into the chocolate a little and top it off to seal them in. They may look a little bumpy but they will level out as the chocolate settles. Place in your refrigerator to set. You can also look for different molds that have witches, skulls, etc and fill them accordingly.

To remove after they are set, just lift by the stick, they should easily pop right out. If they don't come out, just bend the mold slightly, like getting ice from a tray.
You can use candy paints or glazes at this time to add some color. Or use decorating gel or frosting to add faces!

For a Halloween party, serve on on a large serving tray or decorative plates. For treats, wrap individually in those little cellophane bags for suckers. You can find orange ones during the Halloween season.



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